Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Hour Late Start

"Dear Kurt- Things here are worse. Now I cant go outside, apparently Mellissa is worried I will run away. I dont know why you guys would think I would run away. I LOVE it here! The noisey kids, the messes, the drama, the stress, oh its super...... okay, maybe now I understand why she wont let me outside. You should have taken me with you. Love, Amelie"

... cant let the kids out to play. UGH.

Kids entertaining themselves by playing Super Mario Brothers Wii!

Today is day 2 of 2 hour late starts at school. The kids are getting SOOOOO sick of being indoors! Amelie grows more and more needy as winter-blahs fill the house. We all need to just keep focusing on Mexico in a few weeks!!!!

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