Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kayla- with a better camera!

Having Kayla here was such a joy. I really loved it. She taught me how to knit. We watched "bonnet movies" made by the BBC. We snacked, laughed, and cried! She was the PERFECT cure for Winter Blahs- and I am so thankful for her friendship! I miss her already- and I am not the only one!

**Taken with Kayla's camera

I love Carter's face in this picture.

Carter and Kayla on a roller coaster ride!

They pretend to be scared, lol!



The boys play air hockey!

Action shot of Mr. Harrison- you can tell he is really into the game!

Carter gives Kayla his best smile.

This was Carter's favorite ride- and his face says it all!

This was Harrison's favorite ride, "woahhhhhh!"

Sean was home sick from school, so he asked to play with Kayla's camera. He took this picture of himself, and it happened to get Kurt cleaning in the background, lol!

Carter was SO ANGRY when he saw this picture. "HEY! SEAN!!!! NO! Don't touch! That's not yours!!!" Of course, "that" was Kayla! LOL!

Sean took this awesome shot =)- Kayla!

Sean took this too- what a neat picture!!!!

Kayla, sipping coffee and letting Sean take pics of her, lol- yup, this picture was by Sean too!

Carter wanted to go bowling with Kayla... alone. He settled for Mom as a chaperon. It was the best day of his life - Kayla, bowling, and dinner at a restaurant that had pizza on the kids' menu... life doesn't get better than that!

Kayla bowls! She beat Carter in both games =)

Carter kept sneaking glances at Kayla, lol!!!

Carter, Kayla, and bowling!

High Five!

I wanted to take a picture with Carter, but he kept closing his eyes!

When Carter goes bowling he always puts his feet on the line after he throws the ball- here are his feet with Kayla's =)

Neat picture- taken by Kayla

Carter and Kayla at dinner... awwwwwww!

Carter draws pictures with Kayla! He would draw some, and she would draw some- it was so cute! Here he had drawn a picture of bowling, and was explaining that it was going to be a spare.

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