Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carter and Kayla

I was so happy when my friend Kayla came to visit! She is not only one of my super best friends, she is also the love of Carter's life (thus far!) **When asked, "Carter, who loves you?" Carter says, "Kayla" first.
When Kayla first came to the door, Carter greeted her shyly. Once he realized that there were other people who wanted to talk to her, he grabbed her hand and took her on a tour of his most favorite toys- his Lego trains, his Lionel train, and his bowling set. He asked her right away if she would play bowling with him! His second question to her? "Honey, can I sleep with you?" I promptly answered for Kayla, "No, Carter." Carter replied, "Awwwww, why?" Thinking fast my answer was, "You aren't married yet." LOL! Carter accepted this answer, but insisted on sleeping on the floor next to Kayla. LOL!

**These are pictures from my camera

The moment that Kayla came to the door Carter was excited! He hugged her so hard that she nearly fell over- which is why she is holding the wall in this picture, lol!

Harrison, riding one of the rides at Chuck E Cheese!

Carter pretends to give "my Kayla" a ride in a car!

Kurt waits patiently for the clock to wind down.

Carter rides a ride at Chuck E Cheese.


Kayla is going to show me how to knit!


Harrison took the camera and snapped this picture, too cute!

Kayla's Farewell Breakfast... trying not to cry =(

Carter and the love of his life (thus far).

Carter was totally depressed for days after Kayla left. Here is Carter 30 mins after we said goodbye to Kayla.

Carter and I sent a voice message to Kayla, here is the script:
Me: "Carter? Are you happy or sad?"
Carter: "Sad"
Me: "Why are you sad?"
Carter: "Because Kayla's not kissing me."
Me: "Ohhh, I'm sorry."
Carter: "Yeah..."
He sounded SOOOO depressed. The above pic is all him- can you tell he misses her?!

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