Thursday, December 2, 2010


Exciting times! Kurt's parents came yesterday, and the kids loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Lyle! It has been so much fun!!! The kids played with their grandparents, and Brian and I spent some time with Nancy and Randy. What a great time!

Harrison got tired of waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Lyle, so he thought he would pass time by playing with the kitty!

Carter took this picture, LOL!

Carter took this picture of Grandpa and Grandma Lyle!

Awwwww!!! Harrison loves hugs from his Grandma!

After a long day, we all crawled into bed and watched a movie! LOL!

Grandpa Calvin =)

Grandma Lyle and Harrison! =p

Nancy brought this old picture of Grandpa Russ! LOL!

Brain took Randy, Nancy, and me on a tour of Reno!

Randy and Nancy took Brian and me to the National Car Museum! Nancy and Randy are listening to one of the lectures about the cars. Good times!


Brian in character, attempts to fuel Randy's car, lol!

This is AWESOME!

Brian and I take a picture while we wait for Nancy and Randy.

Brian checks the mail... nope... none there! Why? BECAUSE THE HOUSE IS A FAKE!

Harrison shows us his "cheese sandwich!"

Harrison DEMANDS that Grandpa Russ "finish da pizza!" (we think it was mostly that Harrison was jealous that he didnt get to eat pizza... gluten is mean!)

Sean relaxes with Aunt Nancy =)

Grandpa Russ and I dance for joy when we start to play CRANIUM!

The LOSERS! (Who... didn't lose...)

Brian and Nancy are not thrilled that I wanted a tie-breaker game... they were thrilled 5 minutes later when they won the tie-breaker though.

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