Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas! Our Christmas was really wonderful. Christmas Eve was spent with Brian, Sean, and our little family. It was great! Brian had the day off work, so we all hung out, and we got ready for Grandma and Grandpa Smith to stay the night! Grandma made a yummy lasagna (gluten free! YAY!) dinner, bread, and dessert! After we were full, and the dishes were done, we all piled into Grandpa's SUV and we drove around looking at Christmas lights! SO PRETTY! Kurt stayed home, he was feeling better, but didn't want to overdo it. We were thrilled to see him up and around!

Kurt and I woke up really early, and we saw that Santa had visited! (We went back to bed, it was too early!) I was the first one up on Christmas morning. Kurt and I were up at 7am. The sun was coming up, it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. The colors were fantastic! I woke up Brian, and then my parents. We all gazed at the sunrise, and then started the day. The kids woke up and were THRILLED to see the presents under the tree, and LOVED that Grandma and Grandpa were here already! Sleepovers are the BEST!!!!!!

We opened Christmas Crackers and then started with a few small gifts. We then enjoyed cinnamon rolls- Harrison and I shared a gluten free one! MMMmmm! We moved on to bigger gifts, and when it came time to open the gifts that Santa brought the kids were thrilled beyond expression. We started with the youngest child first, and Harrison was SOOOO happy to get his Buzz Lightyear with Utility Belt ("Sir-Dah-Hoes" Buzz, instead of "Servos Buzz"). Sean went next, and literally shouted for joy when he saw that he didn't just get Ironman Hands (like he asked for), but he got an Ironman helmet and chest thingie (sorry, I don't really know Ironman very well) too!!! Carter was last.... he was so amazing to watch. He was literally buzzing with anticipation. When he opened the first gift, it was Polar Express posable figures. He didn't really understand that they were a part of a set, but was happy to get them nonetheless. When he opened his next gift, a Polar Express diorama, he went NUTS. He started jumping up and down, screaming, "POLAR EXPRESS!!!!!" His excitement flooded the room, and a few of us were teary eyed at how excited little Carter was just for a cardboard cutout! I wont lie... pretty sure that we could have just put that up over one of his existing train sets, and he seemed like he would have been thrilled. He opened his next gift, and it was train tracks. He looked a little confused, and then hopeful, when he realized he had one more gift to open, and the tracks that he just opened didn't fit any of his current trains. Then, he opened his last gift. He went CRAZY. He was jumping all around and telling all of us to look at his Polar Express Train! He wanted to hold it. He wanted to see it. He wanted to just gaze! HE WAS SO EXCITED! It was great!

All the kids enjoyed their gifts, while I made a breakfast casserole. Grandpa Russ and Kurt helped Carter set up his Lionel Polar Express Train. Grandma Joyce and Brian helped Sean put together his awesome Lego set (a gift from Brian to Sean). We had breakfast, and Brian had to go to work. We all watched Grease, a new Blu-Ray movie that Brian and I got for our mom, and snacked on homemade goodies. The kids played with their toys all day. A few games were played (Toy Story Memory, a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Lyle to Harrison, and R2D2 Star Wars Trouble, last year's gift from Carter to Kurt). What fun!!!

We finished the evening with a ham and cherry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, mixed veggies, and baked beans. Everyone enjoyed the meal, and we had great conversation.

There never was such a Christmas =) We pray that other families had as wondrous a day as we did. May the joy of the Savior, and the love and atoning sacrifice He gave to all, bring all of us peace =)

Our tree, late at night after Santa came!

Christmas morning!

Kids are ready for gifts!

Harrison needs a bit of help from Daddy, they are opening Harrison's gift from Santa!

Harrison tries REALLY hard to unwrap his gift!

Dang. Not in focus. Oh well, Harrison is so excited to get his Buzz Lightyear with Servos!

Sean's turn to open his gift from Santa!

He is so excited!

IRONMAN HANDS!!! AND... MORE?! He is so happy!!!!

Carter's turn!

He is SO happy!!!!

This is the only pic I captured of his face- I couldnt take pics fast enough! He was SO THRILLED!

Carter shows us all the glitter on his feet! LOL! Looks like Santa likes glittery ribbons!

Grandma and Brian help Sean put together his new Legos!

Daddy and Carter put together tracks!

Grandpa helps unpack Carter's new train!

Grandpa, Kurt, Harrison, and Carter love putting the train together! (Maybe it reminds the older men of being kids, and playing with their own Lionel trains?)

This is where Carter was. All day. LOL!

Lionel Polar Express train! Carter LOVES it!

Harrison is excited. Daddy gave him a REAL Anti-Gravity Servos belt, he matches his new Buzz!!!!

Sean, is IRONMAN! Seeing him in this little outfit makes me giggle, he is so cute! LOL

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