Saturday, December 11, 2010


What do I want for my birthday? I want to see Tangled!!! Kurt took the kids and me to breakfast, then to Barnes and Noble (I just love bookstores!), and then we saw Tangled! What a great day! It was the perfect way to spend a birthday! After the movie we went home and Kurt read the kids a bedtime story. Fun times!

The boys are looking at the menu- I loved them in their matching outfits!!! (They loved them even more than I did, too!)

Carter took this picture of Kurt and me =)

Harrison enjoys a shake! He got a shake because he was dry all night! YAY!

Harrison and Sean are waiting to get into the movie theater!

The boys are ready to see Tangled!

Carter makes sure that "Baby Zebra" and "Pony Horse" have a great view of the book.

Harrison snuggles with Thomas The Train during storytime!

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