Monday, November 8, 2010

Young Love...

Carter met Kayla about a year ago, and he has been in love with her ever since. They met on the U of U campus- he didn't say much, like usual, but he gazed. After awhile it became pretty apparent that Carter had quite a thing for Kayla- when he would step off the bus he would grin from ear to ear and greet her (and forget to say hello to his mother!) Carter often asked about Kayla, and was (and still) under the impression that she lives in the Anthropology building at the U of U. What is funny was that as much as Carter talked about Kayla, he rarely spoke TO her. When she was in his presence he would just smile sheepishly and gaze. If we ever went out as a group, he insisted on sitting next to her- it was not debatable.

A few months ago, when we moved to Reno, I really thought Carter's puppy love for Kayla would wear off. However, right after our move Carter told me that he intended to make her his wife, and he gave me details about the child they would have!

A few months have gone by, and just yesterday I was looking at Facebook when Carter saw a picture of Kayla. His eyes grew wide, he smiled, and he brightly shouted, "THAT'S KAY-AH!" I clicked on her photo so he could see better, and he was SO happy! The following conversation took place:

Mom: "Carter, do you have a girlfriend?"

Carter: *giggles* "Yeahhhhh.... its Kay-ah!"

Mom: "Do you think you will ever get married and have a wife?"

Carter: *looks at me seriously* "Yes. Kay-ah."

Mom: "Carter, do you think you will have babies?"

Carter: *laughs* "HAHA! Nooooo, I cant!!!" *still laughing at the thought*

Mom: "Oh, yeah, sorry... do you think Kayla will have babies?"

Carter: "Yeah- a wittle boy baby!"

Mom: "What will you name him?"

Carter: "James!"

Carter was actually pretty irked at my conversation with him, because he had already told me all this! I guess I was testing to see if he would change his mind (like little Sean, who changes who he is going to marry and how many kids and their names, almost daily). But... nope... it is still all about Kayla, and he is still convinced they will just have one kid. About 4 months ago he said he didn't care, maybe they would have 2... but ever since that time he is dead set on one boy named James. LOL! I am blogging this so Carter can remember the love of his young life: Kayla.

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