Sunday, November 28, 2010


Kurt is such a champ! Here are some of my favorite things about him:
1) He works really hard at everything he does.

Example: He worked for 8... that is right, 8 hours on Carter's Toy Story 3 Lego train. Why? Because little Carter had asked him to. Kurt went the distance by looking through tubs and tubs of Legos for each piece and putting the whole thing together. FATHER OF THE YEAR!

2) He knows where to find inspiration, and reminds me through his example.
Example: When things are hard, and life gives us trials, he uses scriptures to help remind him that "this too shall pass." Currently he has some Church materials hanging above his computer- to remind him of what is REALLY important in life, and what his long-term goals are.

3) He can do anything!

Example: He really can do anything he puts his mind to! It is amazing! He can do yoga poses that take YEARS to accomplish, in just a few weeks. He can teach himself to play instruments, he can sing, he can dance, he can walk on his hands. He can do anything!

4) He is strong!
Example: He is so strong! He went to my parents' house and installed their new TV for them! He was able to lift their old one all by himself- SO STRONG! He did "Scale Pose" on the first try! Not only is he physically strong, but he is also spiritually strong, emotionally strong, and has a strong immune system!

5) He is funny- sooooo funny!

Example: I apologize, because this will be an inside joke for us. Kurt, remember, "That is one messed up donkey!" LOL!

6) He is handsome. SO hot. Can't stop looking at him. SO hot.

7) He is fast.
Example: He can outrun almost any high school track star... even today! FAST. I love that he is fast, because the kids are safer when he is around. Like... for example... if we are ever at a store, playground, or park, and someone was to pick up one of our kids and run- I KNOW that even if that person was fast, Kurt is faster. (Esp. if the stranger is trying to carry one of my kids- they are heavy!) And I have no doubt that Kurt would take that guy down and win that fight. I can count on him to protect our family. The only times where his speed is an issue is when I ask him to go jogging with me... he complains that I am too slow, lol.

8) He likes cool stuff.

Example: Computers, Star Wars, gaming systems, lights, stop-action films... I could go on and on. Kurt is NEVER bored- EVER. If he lacks entertainment, he makes his own!

9) We are completely different in a lot of ways, and it makes for good conversation.

Example: With so many years between us- we grew up very differently. Little things, like what TV shows were popular, or what music was our favorite growing up, are very different for us, so we always have something to talk about! It is nice! Another big difference was our upbringing. Kurt grew up on a farm in a tiny town in Iowa. He had chores, he worked a job, drove a tractor, played sports, tended to animals, built things, did 4H, and visited landmarks all over the United States! I grew up quite differently.

10) We see eye to eye on about 99% of things.

Example: NO- we were NOT born with this ability- communication was key and took us years to work on! At the end of the day, we agree on most things- we may not have started out agreeing on them, but at the end of the day- we agree. I attribute much of this to our agreement on our separate roles in our family. Kurt trusts me with knowing what is best for the children, and he supports decisions that I make for them. I trust him to preside, provide, and protect our family. This trust was not given in one day, or even over a few years... actually Kurt and my trust for one another in these rolls increased during our hardest times, because it would have been easier for one of us to bail instead of sticking it out. We can now trust that we really do have our priorities in line- and our family does come first- for both of us. Yes, I may make the final decisions on things pertaining to the kids, and he may make them on things that have to do with the family, but never before consulting one another- we respect each other's opinions.

11) I never get sick of him. EVER.
I cant even count how many times I have jokingly told him to just win a lottery of some kind (its a joke, because we don't gamble, lol) and stay home with me all the time!

12) I get to share my hut with him!
Back in Salt Lake, Elder David A Bednar explained that our families in Heaven are not our current nuclear families here on Earth- our families are MUCH bigger than that! He said that for some reason, people often picture Heaven like a hut. A small hut. And inside this hut is their spouse and their children, all still small. But that isn't how it works. Children will not be small children in Heaven. No. He explained that there are no family huts... but if we DO think of Heaven as a hut- to remember that the only one we would share the hut with, would be our spouse. Our spouses are the most important people on Earth! Through reading the scriptures, I have been reminded that all of my possessions and talents are gifts from God and I am able to have and use them here on Earth, to help my fellow man. At the end of my time here on Earth, when I depart, the only thing I get to take with me is Kurt. Yes, I am sealed to my children, but they will find spouses of their own, and children of their own too! The number one thing I get to have, and keep for all of eternity is Kurt. And I am so thankful, every single day, that I chose him and that we stayed together through so much.

I love you, Kurt =)

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