Saturday, October 16, 2010


Grandpa and Grandma Smith took Kurt, Brian, Harrison, and me to breakfast. I had some herbal tea and Harrison LOVED the teapot! He was sure it belonged to Aladdin.

While the grown-ups chatted, Harrison played under the table with his Buzz Lightyear toy.

Daddy had to work, and Brian went to Carson, so Harrison and I played Mario on Wii!

The boys do their chores before they can play.

Carter loves climbing up high!

Monkeys =)

Harrison carefully climbs down.

Both the boys loved this little hill!
Harrison has awesome hair after bathtime, lol!

Carter's hair is CRAZY!

Harrison enjoys Friday nights because the kids get to watch a movie in their room!

We guess Carter partied too hard... lol!

It seems like so often we get swept away with our schedules. Activities, volunteer work, kids, house work, jobs- it all piles up until the day is over! Our hardest day as a family unit, by far, is Friday. By the time Friday arrives, little Carter is SO ready for a day off that he begs to go home. He pretends to be sick, he pretends to loose his shoes, he pretends his feet are magically glued to the ground and he is unable to leave the house. Carter's attitude makes everyone edgy and frustrated, which isn't the best way to begin a day.

We write of this challenge to explain rewards. Every day our boys are learning so many new things about life. When Carter is at his limit (every single Friday...) we can understand. We are sympathetic to his frustrations, we are crazy before our days off too! However, we have been working really hard to show Carter that when he is a good boy, gets to school, behaves himself and minds his manners, that rewards come. The greatest blessings often follow trials- and for Carter, this is every Friday.

I am so thankful for Carter. I am so thankful for his little personality. I am thankful for his gentile nature.

On a side note, Kurt and I are celebrating the payment of a large debt! It has been SO hard to have so much more money and not spend it all- but Kurt set me a budget and has been holding me to it- and it has worked!!!! For me, having money is much harder than not having money- there are so many more fun things we could be doing (Disneyland! Children's Place sales! Tahoe ski passes!), and just put our debts off for another day. I am so grateful that Kurt has helped us cut back so much- I am shocked that we got this paid so quickly! Living on a budget is hard... but it is SO rewarding!!! I am thankful for Kurt being such a great example for our kids and me to follow- paying off debts is very important, and avoiding unnecessary debt is vital! Thank you, Kurt!

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  1. Sticking to a budget is difficult! But it feels great when you do, and are able to pay off debts. Keep it up!