Friday, October 1, 2010

Legoland, NV!

The boys see the first tote and go CRAZY!

When we brought home Carter's Toy Story 3 Lego Train all the boys went CRAZY for it and wanted to play Legos! We had a few Lego cars around, but we didnt have any giant playsets... or did we??? In the garage, tucked into storage, are 2 totes full of Legos and Micro Machines. When I say totes, I mean LARGE totes. In fact, one is nicknamed "the casket" because of its gigantic size!

Living in a house of 6 can get pretty nuts- Harrison took a break and went to his hiding place.

The toys in these totes are Brian's- ones he has saved since his own childhood. Sean has never seen them because... well.... its a giant mess when you get them out... and Legos take a LOT of space and a LOT of time to put together to enjoy.

Brian shows his son, Sean, how to build a police boat!

So.... I got them out! THE KIDS WENT NUTS! Brian joined the fun and built with Sean, Carter played with his train, Harrison enjoyed Micro Machines- they all had a BLAST!!!!

Awwwww- Kurt and I, happy to be surrounded by joyful chaos!

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