Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Sean is ready for a hayride!

Sean finds his pumpkin!

Carter loves hayrides!

Carter's Iowan background shows- he feels at home in the corn maze =)

OH NO! Carter and I are lost in the maze!!!

Carter loves to ride on the school bus!

Mom loves to ride school buses too!!!!!

After the trip to the pumpkin patch, the field trip moved to a local park. Over 110 kindergartners played on the playground! Carter and Sean joined the group that was rolling down a nearby hill.

Well, the Great Pumpkin didn't make a stop for us today, but we sure looked for him! Today Sean and Carter got to go to the local pumpkin patch. What a fun school field trip! I was fortunate to be able to chaperone the trip, Brian watched Harrison! It was so neat to see the boys interact with their classes- they grow up so fast! Sean picked the biggest pumpkin he could carry, and Carter- as usual- chose a pumpkin that was partially green. What good times and great memories!

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