Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Harrison!!!

Harrison's 4th Birthday Party!

"You have saved our lives... we are eternally grateful" ... oh wait... Brian ate you.

Harrison blows out the candles!

Sean lets Mellissa top him with a bow- because he is such a gift to be around!

Harrison loves the pictures from his Grandma Lyle!

Our crazy family!

Carter and Kurt talk about Harrison's new Toy Story 3 Train!

Sean was SO excited that BOTH of Harrison's Grandmas sent him gifts, too!

Brian and Sean =)

Harrison demands... er, requests... his next gift to open. LOL!

Harrison LOVES the gift Carter picked for him! "Hut Hut Huts!" (AKA: Toy Story toy soldiers!)

Kurt and Brian doing what Dads do best: build stuff! Here they are putting together toys!

We found Harrison like this at bedtime... wanting to sleep in his Buzz Lightyear suit and playing with his "Hut Huts!" (Hut Huts are so named because of the sound they make when marching in the Toy Story movies... Hut 2, 3, 4)

Harrison's cake. Gluten-Free and decorated to resemble Zurg's planet... complete with aliens!

We cant believe our little Harrison turned FOUR today! WOW! It seems like just yesterday when I brought him into the world! I can remember the nurses and doctors telling me it would be awhile, and I told them HE IS COMING NOW! Harrison has always done things on his own time, and never done things in the conventional way. I am so thankful to be his mother, he makes me laugh every single day! I love giving his sweet face kisses and giving him tons of hugs! I love you, Harrison!!!!

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