Friday, September 3, 2010

LOL, Adventures!

This morning Kurt and I awoke to a lot of laughter... those who have had small children know this is always a dangerous thing to hear. So, Kurt got out of bed and opened their bedroom door to find that they (we say they, but Harrison took "credit") had taken a box of Trix Cereal, opened it, and thrown it ALL around their room. They had been dancing in the mess and their floor was a multi-colored mess!

Fun was over. Poor kids! Carter used the dustpan and bush and took care of the Trix that weren't broken. Harrison picked up all the toys and put them away (yeah, they had decided pulling all their toys into the mess would be fun too). It took an hour... a whole hour... but the boys did REALLY well and they worked hard to clean.

Boys will be boys... right? You know... I should have KNOWN they had diabolical plans after they went to sleep so easily last night! LOL.

Carter is ready for bed- this was taken last night =)

Harrison says GOODNIGHT!

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  1. YAY, I found your blog!! Can't wait to read more...especially since you're leaving us. I'm so sad, I loved having you visit me. BUT very happy for your family to move on in life!