Monday, September 27, 2010

Gluten-Free's the WAY TO BE!

Our family has been gluten free for just over 3 months! It has been a difficult transition, but a necessary one. We first discovered Harrison's gluten issue in May- right before I went to Africa. My parents watched our boys while I was gone and they were great about keeping him away from gluten- and the few times they slipped they admitted there was a HUGE difference.

When I got home we decided to make the whole house gluten free. I wanted Harrison to be able to come home and know he could eat anything in the house and be safe. After a few weeks we realized I had a gluten issue too!

So, three months later- and a LOT healthier, we are still gluten free. Of course, cooking for Brian and Sean has made them gluten free too! (For the most part... I am pretty sure that Kurt and Brian sneak gluten at work, and I know Sean and Carter have it at school!) It makes me happy to hear Sean tell me how delicious dinner is (and then ask for 3rds!). Gluten free felt like such a blow at first- it seems like there is gluten in EVERYTHING! But, with education, patience, and change of diet it really isn't that bad. (And the loss of a few unneeded pounds is a welcome side-effect!)

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