Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday FUNday!

Kids watching Aladdin! They LOVE Fridays because they get to watch a movie in bed!
Every Friday I try really hard to do something fun for the kids. Lately it has been pretty simple, something like a movie in bed. Even though it is nothing amazing, the boys really love it, and I think it is a great way to wrap up the week. Carter and Sean did SO well at school, both boys had nothing but good comments ALL WEEK! YAY! Harrison and I got a lot of cleaning done too- YAY!

Things are still not feeling like home. I miss the 900 court a lot... I dont miss the apartment... well... actually I kinda do.... but really I miss our ward and our amazing neighbors. I know that this will eventually feel like home, but for the time being it is a little bit hard.

The week went better, and we are establishing more of a routine. I am happy for that! Kurt is enjoying the new market and the competition here- he thrives on stress, so this is good for him. Brian is enjoying coming home to a clean house and cooked dinners. Sean, Carter, and Harrison are enjoying being "brothers." All is well =)

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