Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Time!

Things have been so crazy around here that we knew we needed to schedule some family time! We decided to have a family day!!! (Well... after school OF COURSE!)

Carter and Harrison look at a helicoptor- they really wanted to fly!

Our first stop was to the Stead Airport! We looked at planes and saw a helicopter! Of course, we didn't have approval to get too close, so we stayed pretty far back- but it was still neat to see all the different types of aircraft! Carter and Harrison REALLY wanted a plane ride! Maybe next time!

Harrison feeds Kurt some broccoli, lol!

After the airport we went to dinner together. It was nice to go out and be together!

Carter and I enjoy chips and salsa.

When we got home we had Family Home Evening! Last Sunday one of the sisters in the Ward gave us a good idea- we could use the Gospel Principles book for our FHE lessons! HOW SMART!!!! So, this week we did Chapter 1: Our Father in Heaven. The kids asked lots of questions! It was neat! We followed up with Popsicle treats and we all played together in the back yard. What a great day!

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