Thursday, September 9, 2010

A day with Harrison

Kurt and I decided to give the kids Daddy and Mommy dates. Each of us took a child and spent the day with him. It was so much fun! Carter stayed home with Kurt and they rearranged furniture, packed, and got ready for the big move! Harrison and I ran errands.

Harrison plays with a car at Big O Tires. Harrison LOVED that this Big O Tires had "Scripture Power" (note the Book of Mormon under the table! YEAH!)

One of the stops I made with Harrison was to Big O Tires. He was so well behaved that the employees gave him a balloon. Harrison, of course, insisted that Buzz Lightyear would rather hold the balloon, so the employees tied the balloon to Buzz's hand! LOL!

Harrison checks to make sure Buzz's balloon is still in his hand.

Harrison and I returned books to the Sprague Library and then went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few new books of our own. We bought 3 Elephant and Piggie books and one Toy Story 2 book. The trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks, where Harrison enjoyed a Vanilla Bean Frapuccino!

Harrison ADORES Starbucks! (Coffee-free OF COURSE!)

The next day Kurt and I swapped kids and did the same thing again. This time Harrison stayed and packed with Dad and Carter ran errands with me! Carter and I picked up lunch and went to Home Depot for some paint... we needed to paint a few of the walls that the kids had colored! BOO! When we got home Carter helped Dad pack some more and Harrison painted with me. Good times!

Harrison paints with Mom!

At the end of the day 95% of the house was packed and ready to go, and the kids wanted to show off their empty closet. Well.... it is empty except for a few more empty boxes! The boys are SO excited to move and cant wait to start new adventures in Nevada! YAY!

Carter and Harrison show off their empty closet. My kids are TOO CUTE! I love their little faces!

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