Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being home =p

My hot hubby shows off all the packing we got done so far!
I have been a homemaker before, but this time is different. I find myself being able to pace things better. I am able to sit back and let a few dishes pile up while I play with the boys. I am able to go outside and seek the company of creative and wonderful women who can give me tricks and tips to how to do things better. It is great!

Today the boys and I played outside. The boys played in wagons with all the kids in our little 900 Village Court while I made crafts with a few of our neighbor ladies. It was SO much fun! The boys had a great time, and so did I!

Right now Harrison is in bed, listening to Primary Songs for Bedtime and gazing at a postcard we got 2 years ago at Disneyland. He was so well behaved, and already he has been more secure! It used to be that if I ever went outside he would cling to me- he wanted hugs and was too scared to go play with other kids. Now he gives me big hugs and runs off to "pway wif fwiends!" I am so proud of him! He seems to love this new arrangement almost as much as I do!

At this time Carter is playing in the living room with some of his Thomas trains. He enjoys role playing different scenarios with them and helping them solve problems. Carter's changes in behavior are amazing. Just since I have been home he is so much for considerate, more loving, and a LOT more calm and happy- I am so thrilled that he loves having me home with him! (Of course, I am sure he will NOT love it when he is a teen and just wants to be alone with his buddies! LOL)

Things are so much different, but in so many amazing ways. Kurt came home last night to a clean house (well, if you imagine the boxes aren't there!) and a happy wife and it makes all the difference! Its funny how following simple principles really does make for a happier family and home. I am so happy that we are able to be together and that I am able to stay with my little munchkins- they are such a joy!

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