Friday, September 17, 2010

And then there were... SIX!

Carter and Harrison pose at Old Navy!

We moved to Reno on September 12th. It took only 2 hours to load the truck, and 1 hour to clean our old apartment, and then we were done! Well... almost done. Kurt was made to work that day, so the kids and I went to the University of Utah Marriott and went swimming! Kurt joined us after work and we all spent our last night in Utah comfortably! **I managed to get some back to school shopping done too!

Carter got to ride in the truck!
Reno is great! The kids LOVE being here! We moved all of our things into the garage and it took about 5 days to unpack, but we did it! The kids' room is super cute! Sean loves having his "brothers" here with him, and all the boys enjoy being together! Carter and Sean go to the local elementary school together, and they are both doing really well! HOORAY!

Sean, Harrison, and Carter play in the backyard!

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