Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The ABCs of Numbers..."

Today was our final Sunday in the 21st Ward. It was bittersweet and memorable. Some of the harder moments were saying goodbye to our closest friends, hearing some of our favorite teachers gives (for us) their last lessons, and hearing some of the inspiring and thought provoking comments from our beloved friends and neighbors. Some of the best moments were when the boys happily walked to Primary and sat with their classes- they were THRILLED to be there and they didn't fuss! (Well, they fussed a little, but it was over who they wanted to sit next to!) For so long when the boys would leave Primary and when asked what they had learned they would just giggle or shrug and say, "I donno..."... but today, Carter proudly rushed forward to exclaim, "Mama!!! Guess what?!?!? I learned the ABCs of numbers!!!!" I asked him what he meant, and he enthusiastically shot his hands forward to show me his take-homes. There was a piece of paper, a small handmade envelope, and an official tithe slip. Carter was SO excited about tithing! When asked how much he will tithe he smiled and answered "21!" ... confused I tried to correct (10?)... he laughed and responded, "I wanna do 21!" This started us talking about his mission, he explained that he wants to ride a helicopter to get to his mission... I don't know that they do that kind of thing, but okay! We talked the whole walk home, and both Harrison and Carter were thrilled to have been able to be in Primary today.
Carter and Harrison both show off their Primary take-homes!

I am so thankful for this Church! I am so thankful for Primary! I am so happy to know that my boys both feel the Spirit and can both happily tell anyone that they love their Church, they love their parents, and they love Jesus Christ! What more can ANY parent REALLY hope for??? For us... there is NOTHING better.

Carter's tithe slip and envelope... note his tthe Kit Kat stains from reat! LOL!

Harrison made this puzzle- he is VERY proud of the H in the bottom right corner! "H is for HARRISON!!!"

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  1. Later, when he was talking to Kurt, Carter explained that "numbers" is actually money! LOL!