Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beginning to blog...

I have wanted to start a blog, but never really knew what I would say. The other day I was doing my visiting teaching and my friend, Rebecca, showed me a little book she owned that was a compilation of all of her blogs over a year's time. It was amazing! Reading through her entries was inspiring! I knew I just had to start a blog of my own! So I am going to copy Rebecca. She explained that she blogs for her kids. Years and years from now, those children will be able to pick up that book and read about all the things they did. She took pictures and wrote stories, that is exactly what I would like to do! So... here it is... our adventures.

When Carter was born he was instantly nicknamed "The Little Prince" (it is one of our favorite books) - not just for his wild blond hair, but also for his personality. Carter does not accept shortcuts and insists on perfection- much like the little prince and his demands for a picture of a sheep. Carter is also very thoughtful, and gets confused by people's intentions- he questions everything and never blindly follows orders.

Harrison is my spaceman, specifically he is Spaceman Spiff. For those who have read Calvin and Hobbes they will understand instantly why Harrison could have such a title! For those who are unfamiliar with the comic- Calvin is a little boy whose alter-ego is Spaceman Spiff... a powerful spaceman with amazing adventures. Harrison's enthusiasm for life often leaves me wishing I could see inside his imagination (in fact, as we speak, he is trapped inside a jail and cannot escape.... funny, because to me it just looks like he is sitting on a chair).

This is our blog. Our Lyle family story. I write this for my children, so that some day in the future they will read this and remember their adventures.

To my little prince and my little spaceman: I love you =)

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